The Flamenco Dance

Remarkably expressive Flamenco dance could be traced to Andalucía, South Spain. Some retrace the origin to Arab and Hispanic cultures in the later part of the Moorish dominion. ‘fellahmengu’ could refer to Muslims in Andalusia.

The Flamenco dance was performed in ritualistic celebration among gypsies. Since eighteenth century and increased expressions through dance troops, various forms of musical instruments have been included in the performance.

The Flamenco blends dance processions as well as folk mantras accompanied by music instruments like guitar,  Casanet finger cymbals and tambourines.

Inspirations from  African and Moroccan cultures allows every performance to communicate intricate emotions. The rhythm of the Flamenco guitar is hypnotic.

There may be a difference between the Spanish Flamenco dancing and the Flamenco music genre.

The Flamenco music genre is a Spanish way of life inspired by many cultures from within Spain and include the Spanish mantras and guitar. The strong masculine dance is  ‘Bailaor’ and their sensual female counterpart is ‘Bailaora’.

Teaching yourself guitar Flamenco style takes on a whole different meaning when you imagine accompanying the Flamenco dancers.