“Charlie Cox Runs with Scissors”

By: Michael McKeever

Directed By: Jim Porter


Chris Erath as Charlie Cox
Dan Murphy as Wally
Alessandra Bono Horton as Nell Todd
Bunny Porter as Kiki
Bob Amici as Travis Dunn

When: April 1st – 9th @ 8PM
Where: Holliston Town Hall

When Charlie Cox, a middle-aged editor, learns that he has the incurable, degenerative condition known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, he gets in his car and starts driving. He soon finds himself in the Arizona desert, where he uncharacteristically picks up a hitchhiker, a sarcastic, impatient guy named Wally, who happens to be his own personal death emissary. When Charlie’s car breaks down he and Wally find a dingy motel, Wally is infuriated when love blossoms between Charlie and the widow Nell, as hopeful suitor Travis does his best to keep Charlie away from Nell. As Wally urges him to get it over with, lovely, sexy Kiki enters the picture wearing dark glasses since “love is blind.” and the ensuing battle between Death and Love teaches Charlie the importance of living life to the fullest.